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Posted on February 23rd, 2017

Apologies for the lack of updates if anyone was continually monitoring. It's been a busy last 10 months! 

My wife and I had a kid, so free time went out the door outside of work. The good news is that I've recently been moved over to our Learning Resources Team full-time so I get to work on learning content and documentation quite a bit! 

Some of you who have followed my work on AnswerHub and the Forums may have noticed I started doing some of the Training Streams that are on Tuesdays @ 2 EST.

The first was on our Hierarchical Level of Detail (HLOD) system. You can hear me repeatedly fight with myself to not pronounce LOD incorrectly, at least by the majority consensus on it's pronunciation, anyway. :)


Next up I did training stream on Lighting Techniques and Guides. It was some broad strokes overview of Lighting with UE4. I shot through a bunch of examples showing some things that maybe you are aware of or maybe not. I think it was a little bit for everyone kind of stream. 


Anyway, it's been a busy time over the last number of months and I look forward to continuing to help people learn features in UE4, whether that's via Training Streams, Documentation, or here on my site when I get time. 

Posted on April 30th, 2016

Continuing with exploring some of the new rendering features in 4.11 this post covers the  updates with Reflection Captures to add Capture Offset, a selected imported Cubemap for each reflection capture, and the ability to increase the resolution of reflections.

Take a look at the page here: 

Reflection Captures: New Features in 4.12!

Posted on April 29th, 2016

I've gotten around to adding a simple setup and use for Lighting Channels in UE4! Take a look on the tutorials page.

Posted on April 22nd, 2016

Added some new Comparison shots for the Console Variables section and a comparison of Indirect/Direct Capsule Shadows vs Direct Shadowing. 

There are a couple of other CVars that I need to get comparisons for, but the majority of them are there. 

More tutorials coming this week for Lighting Channels and a starting tutorial for using Planar Reflections that are coming with 4.12!

If you're daring you can use the Master Branch from GitHub to take an early sneak peak at this new rendering feature! 

Really digging the Planar Reflection actor coming in 4.12! :D pic.twitter.com/hh6V0Nrvaj

— Tim Hobson (@TimHobsonUE4) April 21, 2016

Posted on April 1st, 2016

Posted on March 29th, 2016

Started moving some of the How-to's and Projects over to this site in the Tutorials section. 


More coming soon!

Posted on March 28th, 2016

Added Precomputed Visibility Volumes page that covers technical information and how to use it for your game development.

Check it out in my Tutorials section under Precomputed Visibility Volumes.

While this feature is primarily used to provide occlusion culling on Mobile it can be used in games for other platforms as well. 

​Keep checking back for more updates coming soon in other sections! 

by Tim Hobson on March 27th, 2016

by Tim Hobson on March 26th, 2016

New Tutorials and Projects Added! 

I've updated some of the pages in my Tutorials section that are being converted from other sources. Keep checking back often as these are slowly being added.

Distance Field:
- How to Enable Distance Field Meshes
- How to use Distance Field Soft Shadows
- How to use Distance Fields with Particle Systems 

- Add a Destructible Settings Showcase that covers all settings with demo stands. (This is a standalone project and does not need Content Examples to open.)

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