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4.22.16 - Updated Capsule Shadows Tutorial & More
Posted on April 22nd, 2016

Added some new Comparison shots for the Console Variables section and a comparison of Indirect/Direct Capsule Shadows vs Direct Shadowing. 

There are a couple of other CVars that I need to get comparisons for, but the majority of them are there. 

More tutorials coming this week for Lighting Channels and a starting tutorial for using Planar Reflections that are coming with 4.12!

If you're daring you can use the Master Branch from GitHub to take an early sneak peak at this new rendering feature! 

Really digging the Planar Reflection actor coming in 4.12! :D pic.twitter.com/hh6V0Nrvaj

— Tim Hobson (@TimHobsonUE4) April 21, 2016

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