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9.16.17 - Chris told me to post something...
Posted on September 16th, 2017

At the behest of Chris Murphy (Evangelist for Epic Games and discusser of all things Star Trek) asked me when my next update would be since I'm "killing [him] with anticipation." (Also, if you've not already, go and follow Chris on Twitter @HighlySpammable.)

Over the last 6-7 months, instead of working on updating my own site I've been working as part of the Learning Resources (aka documentation) Team at Epic Games and writing official documentation that includes new content pages or updates to existing ones.

Below is a non-comprehensive list of what I've added in my short time on the team and some of the ideas or areas I have to update sections in the future.

New Pages:
These are new pages that did not exist that were created for a new release feature, as a request from our developers (internal or external), or was part of our backlog that we wanted to address.
Updated/Restructured Pages:
These are pages that needed new information added but doesn't necessitate a completely new page. Often with this, since we improve our documentation Styles and Standards that we want to adhere to for consistency. Older pages (of which there are thousands) don't always fit with our latest standards so they must be updated in the process, which sometimes can lead to restructuring for readability, to make them more interesting, or to simply provide a clearer learning path making it easier for anyone to find the information they are looking for.

For the purpose of these, I'll explain a little bit about what was updated. Not that anyone is necessarily interested, but for those that are, I hope you enjoy. 
  • Fonts for UMG 
    Entire section was updated with multiple re-rewrites of older content pages and breaking the page up to be more organize and easily accessible.
  • Landscape Sculpt Mode
    This was a monolithic page that has been reorganized and largely rewritten. The individual features of Sculpt mode have been broken off into their own pages to quickly reference the features and select the one you'd like to review.
  • Bloom 
    Added the Convolution for Bloom and cleaned up and added a Dirt Mask Best Practices.
  • Distance Fields - In the review process now and should be live in the near future!
    Originally, Distance Field AO and RayTraced Shadows pages contained a lot of overlapping information. These have now been broken up to explain the Distance Fields Feature and then have the relevant information for each system. Also several how-to's covering each of the systems and some other uses for Distance Fields.
    • Overview
    • Distance Field Ambient Occlusion
    • RayTraced Distance Field Shadows
    • How-To's
      • Using DFAO and Settings
      • Using RTDF shadows and Settings
      • Using Distance Field Indirect Shadows
      • Setting up Particle Collision using Distance Fields
  • Vehicle User Guide
    Reworked and rewrote this page to be a multi-step guide instead of a monolithic wall of text.
  • Vehicle Content Creation Guide
    Cleaned up the page and broke it off into it's own page for easy reference.
  • Custom Stencil for Post Processing Materials
  • Mobile Rendering Previewer
    Rewrote the page to capture all the available changes and all the different renderers that can be enabled for preview. 
  • Performance Guidelines for Mobile Devices
    Cleaned this page up and reorganized some of the sections of information to be easier to read.
  • VR Editor improvement updates
  • ​Morph Target Debug View Mode
  • Material Slot Ordering Workflow
  • Curves Linked to Bones (Anim Curves)
  • Material Expressions -
    • Previous Frame Switch
    • Preskinned Local Normal
These are pages that are currently being worked on in some manner. These are just a few that are in some form of completion in my queue. 
  • Mesh Paint User Guide
    This entire section has been cleaned up and rewritten in most cases since the UI has changed significantly with 4.16 and later versions. It's currently in the review process.
  • Auto Generating Lightmaps in UE4
  • Renderer Comparisons
    This page will break down the Forward, Differed, and Mobile Forward/Differed Renderers and the features that they support along with a high-level overview of how each one works and when they should be used over another renderer.
Wishlist/Soonish Backlog:
These are some pages/sections that are currently in my own list of things I want to update or add to existing docs. Some are requests that will be on my in-progress list soon. There are other sections I've not listed here for my wishlist, but these are the bigger ones that I've thought about.
  • Automation Section 
    • Build Operations for Cooking, Packaging, Running, and Deploying your projects
    • Debugging Packages from Visual Studio
    • Patching/DLC
    • Using the Project Launcher and Creating Custom Launch Profiles
  • FBX Content Pipeline
    This section needs to be more Artists-friendly and would benefit from restructuring how you find content for this section for Static and Skeletal Meshes. 
  • Landscape Outdoor Terrain
    Similar to the work done for the Landscape Sculpt mode should be done for the rest of this section. Lots of parts of this section should be cleaned up to quickly find the information you want.

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Nick - October 17th, 2017 at 11:23 AM
Hey Tim, thanks for your hard work! Unreal has quite an expansive feature list and it's great to see effort going in to keep documentation up-to-date.
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