Tim Hobson

Destructible: Damage Spread

What is Damage Spread?

​Damage Spread is essentially how easy damage spreads to the other chunks in the destructible. 

If we have a wall destructible, think about the impact point being the center of a radius of damage. The damage spread will be how much damage is passed to the surrounding chunks to break them free as well. If we have a damage spread of 0 only the chunks that are impacted directly and receive enough damage to break free will do so. If the damage spread is set to 0.1 (default), if the impact force is strong enough the damage passed to surrounding chunks can be enough to break all or some of the chunks free. 

This is the formula for calculating the Damage Radius: 

Damage Radius = Damage * Damage Spread

All chunks within the damage radius will take full damage at the point of impact. At the edge of the damage radius 0 damage will be applied.