Tim Hobson

Destructible: Do Not Fracture

​The Flag for Do Not Fracture allows assigned chunks to not be break away from the destructible even if enough force has been applied to do so. This can be useful for making sure parts of the destructible never break or if you want to have a simple hole that can be blown away in a wall for your character to go through. 

Destructible Settings:

​For this part, the settings focused on are Impact Damage and Support Depth.

It is not required to use Impact Damage, but can be if you want a impact from any physical objects to impart damage on the destructible.

Support Depth on the other hand is required to make this work. 

Chunk Parameters: Do Not Fracture

​Depth 0: no fracture applied 
​Depth 1: slightly exploded view of the fracture chunks
​In order to assign the chunks we want to NOT be fracture we need to select them with the mouse. Hold CTRL and LMB to select chunk that you want to assign a flag in Chunk Parameters. When selected you will see a blue bounds box around the chunk. 

Once you have a selected the chunks you want to assign a flag, go to the Chunk Parameters Tab and select Do Not Fracture.

That's it! You have now set up a basic wall that can have chunks that cannot be fractured. 

Final Result