Tim Hobson

Destructible: Custom Impact resistance

This will only work with 4.8 and later versions.
​This will cover a basic setup for using Custom Impact Resistance to make a destructible that can provide a low resistance to impact like Glass or one that provides more resistance to an impact, like a Concrete Wall. 

Custom Impact Resistance: LOW

Setup for LOW Impact Resistance

​For the basic setup, enable Custom Impact Resistance and set a low value. This can depend on some of the Impact Damage and Damage Spread settings as well, but for a basic example this will get you started.

Demonstration of Low Impact Resistance

Custom Impact resistance: HIGH

Setup for HIGH Impact Resistance

​Using High Resistance, the Impact Damage and Damage Spread play bigger roles in the look and feel of your destructible. 

To find a good starting point for the High resistance, try setting a large value and working your way down to a lower one until you get something that looks OK. 

At that point, Adjusting the Impact Damage and the Damage Spread can help refine this even further. 

Demonstration of High Impact Resistance