Tim Hobson

Destructible: Import FBX Chunks

in the Destructible Mesh Editor you have the option to import custom meshes to represent the first destruction depth. This is a very powerful feature for being able to handle simple transitions for destruction without a lot of complicated setup. This type of effect can often be seen in many games. A good example of this is the Grand Theft Auto series. If you bump into an object like a light pole or mail box you'll see a couple of things happen if enough force is applied. First it will change the model from an undamaged one to a damaged one and then secondly it will have a particle effect attached. 

So for this example, I'm only doing the switch between the clean undamaged model to the damaged one. It's not difficult to take it further and create a simple spark or coins particle effect that can be spawned when the meter is broken.

This is the FBX models we'll be using that you can download here: Download FBX Here
​Here are the settings that were used in the DM:

Enable Impact Damage: True
Impact damage: 1.0
Default Impact Damage Depth: 1
World Support: True
Support Depth: 1

Impact Velocity Threshold: 750 

By setting the impact velocity threshold higher or lower you can determine how fast something needs to be traveling to cause damage. Anything below that will not affect the DM. 

Follow along in the video below for the full setup.