Tim Hobson

Destructible: large Chunk Threshold

What is Large Chunk Threshold?

​Quite simply this is the minimum size that each chunk must be to be considered a large blocking chunk to prevent the player from passing. Anything that is below this threshold will not block the collision capsule of the player. This is extremely great in circumstances where you want to have destruction with smaller pieces that do not obstruct the player from reaching the goal, which can happen with smaller threshold levels. Test and tweak accordingly to get the best results! 
​In this demo here are some of the settings: 
  • DM 1 is set to the default of 25. 
  • DM 2 is set to 75 and only some chunks will block the player and others will allow the player to walk through with no collision
  • DM 3 is set to 500 which means that none of the chunks are larger than that value so the player can walk through all the chunks. 

Keep in mind that this is only for the chunks and does not apply to the DM before the fracture occurs. 


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