Tim Hobson

Lighting: Colored Light Functions

​Light functions do not provide color when a light function material is plugged in. This does not mean that you cannot get a colored image by taking advantage of the system though. All that is needed is to setup a material for each color value for Red, Green, and Blue. With the texture sample you'll plug the single color value into the Emissive pin. Also, in the Material Editor theMaterial Domain will need to be set to Light Function.

NOTE: This can probably be done with a single material and using an instance to switch on or off the various color values or some other method. I've just not looked. 

You should end up with something like this for the Red, Green, and Blue materials.

Material Setup

Light Functions in Action

Scene Setup

These are all Spotlights with an assigned Light Function Material that corresponds to the color value we will assign it.

Top Row:
This is three spot lights each with the either the Red, Green, or Blue material assigned. The light color has been changed to the full value for that color using the Color Picker to set the RGB Value. (ie. Red would be set to R=1, G=0, and B=0)

The three Spotlights with the assigned light functions overlaid onto each other.

The three Spotlights with their Light Function Material assigned with the light's color value left at default of White.