Tim Hobson

Destructible Settings Showcase

This is an extension map that I worked on to cover all the individual settings that can be used in the Destructible Mesh Editor. This showcase can help anyone having trouble understanding or getting their destructible meshes to work as they would like. This is a full project that does not require Content Examples, but it is also one that can easily be dropped into an existing Content Examples project to work as well. 

This project was created in 4.11 and should work with any later versions. 

​File Size: ~135mb zipped

Known issues: 
3.7 - Accurate Raycasts 
4.4 - Essential LOD Depth  

Neither of these are set up. These may be bugged or it may be that I just do not have a good way to demonstrate and setup these examples. If anyone is familiar or knows a good way I'm open to suggestions and updating the project files. You can find my contact information HERE.