Tim Hobson

Reflection captures: New Features!

New features added in 4.12!
There are several new features that have been added for Reflection Capture actors in 4.12. These include the ability to increase the resolution of the captured reflection cubemap, the ability to offset the cubemaps position, and you can now assign a cubemap texture to individual reflection captures actors.

Capture Resolution

You have the option to adjust the capture resolution for all reflection actor cubemaps in your project. You will need to open the Project Settings > Rendering > Reflection Capture Resolution.

The default resolution is set to 128, but can easily be set here to a higher or lower value depending on your needs. The Resolutions entered MUST be a power of 2 in order to be applied. 
Keep in mind that if you use too high a value you can potentially crash your video drivers. This is dependent upon your GPU and the amount of VRAM that you have available. Use reasonable values for your capture resolutions. 
             Should your video drivers keep crashing when trying to re-launch your project, you can manually reset these in the DefaultEngine.ini file located in                      your Project > Config > folder. Search for the setting r.ReflectionCaptureResolution and enter a lower value here and save.
In the comparison below you can see the quality difference that some added resolution can bring. Keep in mind these are cubemaps and will not appear properly aligned and accurate as Screen Space or the Planar Reflection actor will. 

Capture Offset

‚ÄčThe Capture Offset allows you to tweak the Cubemap capture in 3D space. Punch in an XYZ value that to adjust the captures location. Be aware that significant values can show warping of the image in the reflection. 
Values from the relative location of the actor to set the Capture Offset.
The Representation of the Capture Offset location.

Specified Cubemap

In the Reflection Capture's Detail's panel you can select the drop-down for Reflection Source Type and change it to Specified Cubemap to select any available cubemap textures to assign to your Reflection Capture actor. 
In addition to being able to assign any cubemap material you can also adjust the Source Cubemap Angle. This will allow you to rotate the cubemap up to 360 degrees.

Below this is the final result with a selected cubemap for the reflection capture.