Tim Hobson

TUTORIALS & Sample Projects

Currently I don't have the free time to add any new tutorials but for the  part a lot of these are available on my Unreal Engine Forums thread.

Epic Games Training Streams

Visibility Culling

Distance Fields


Apex Cloth

  • Creating Cloth asset with PhysX DCC Plugin for 3DS Max

3Ds Max

  • Creating LODs for Import into UE4
  • Creating Custom Collision for Import into UE4




  • Retrieve Logs from Android


  • Blueprint Clock

Twitch Streams

Free Sample Projects

Destructibles: Various Weapon Types
Destructibles: Chunk Parameters Comparison
Simple Jump Pad
Post Process Material: Night Vision
Post Process Material: Radar Pulse
Day/Night Cycle (Extension of Gregdumb's Wiki Tutorial)
Day/Night Static Lighting Level Switch
Emissive As Static Lighting: Back Lighting Example
Sponza Attrium Global Illumination Test Scene